Graham Morgan


Graham Morgan

Largely self taught, Graham’s interest in photography was ignited when his father, who travelled the globe as a young soldier, pulled out several dusty boxes full of 35mm slides taken in Nepal during the early 1960’s. The camera that had taken these photos was also found in one of these boxes, somewhat ‘worse for wear’ after falling from the pommel of a trekking pony decades earlier. While efforts to repair the camera ultimately failed, Graham was hooked by the images of this mysterious foreign land, and also by the fascinating technical marvel that produced them, a Taron Eyemax 35mm range-finder camera.

Years later this fascination was nurtured in the attic of his parent’s house, where Graham built a well equipped darkroom, and here refined the skills needed to become an accomplished BW photographer and printer.

Much of this time Graham was living and working in Pembrokeshire (West Wales), having found seasonal work for the National Trust, putting up fences, gates and cattle grids. This was also a great time to hike the coastal paths, and join the local diving club- work within the photographic industry was however elusive.

Then by chance, Graham was introduced to a successful ‘up and coming’ camera-man from London, who furnished him with a phone number saying ‘This is a guy I went to college with, he has a great studio in central London. Just give him a call, you never know’.

Well the call was made, and Graham soon found himself rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s finest photographers of the time (and now even!), Bruce Webber, Mario Testino, David Eustace… to name but a few. Although initially just making tea and lunches, over several years this gave an opportunity to study the lighting techniques of these and many other great photographers; eventually being given the responsibility to order and setup lighting for numerous big budget photo-shoots.

Now a talented freelance photographer, Graham is commissioned by a variety of clients from all sectors of the commercial world; and also remains in regular demand as a highly skilled lighting technician within the world of advertising photography.

Also known as a bit of a ’techi’ and all-round ‘Mr fix it’, Graham has continued to absorb and hone his skills within all aspects of digital photography- his phone is constantly buzzing with requests for help from friends and colleagues alike.

With the help of an Expedition Leader guiding you around a desired destination, Graham can offer you his skills and expertise when teaching you the tricks of photography.

Our Moroccan Through the Lens photography trip is one of the itineraries we can offer. However, if you have a specific destination you would like to visit, we have the expertise to create a bespoke itinerary for you from scratch. To find out more please get in touch- our details can be found on our Contact Us page.