Culinary Adventures


“Sometimes the greatest meals on vacations are the ones you find when Plan A falls through”

Anthony Bourdain
Food is an integral part of travelling. Countries, regions, even cities offer visitors local delicacies intertwined with its history and culture. We invite you to come on a culinary journey with us and explore the world through your taste buds!

A Glimpse into our “The Great Cook Off” Series

Street food, local markets, home cooked meals, sweets and specialties – exotic foods are captivating. We can see, hear, smell, and even feel a destination, but oftentimes, it’s our experience trying the local food in destination that lets us journey back in time. Learning how to prepare traditional dishes is also something tangible we can bring back home to enrich our culinary day to day life back home.

No matter the level of mastery you have for cooking, our culinary adventures will be suitable for all levels, right through from budding to expert chef.
We combine all our culinary journeys with some hiking and trekking elements suitable for all levels of fitness. Our ethos is adventure, and we believe it’s important to keep healthy and be challenged. Foundation of healthy living is good nutrition and physical activity and so we incorporate both. Besides, it will certainly help one appreciate the tasty foods that you will prepare and enjoy even more after a day of hiking.

Are you ready to bring your cooking skills to the table?

Culinary Experts

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